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-  PG Training & Consulting bases most of their eforts in organizations and with individuals around value systems.  we also work with organizations, departments, teams, etc. to create values if they do not formally exist.  It is a strong belief of PG Training & Consulting that lasting change in behavior, individually and/or organizationally only happens as a result of a set of values that people create, understand and agree to.  Every effort is then derived from and linked to a shared value system that creates not only desired behaviors but a measuring stick for holding accountability and managing performance.  Alignment is the final stage.


The methods used in our presentations follow adult learning principes and accelerated learning proinciples.  We use an experiential/participative approach using learning activities & discussion.  Audio visuals include a video projector, filipchart and handouts/exercises/activities.  Intensive effort is given to customize the training to the needs of the audience including application to the workplace.  Significant time is spent on due diligence that enables this customization.

"I don't believe you will find a consultant in the Pittsburgh area who will provide a better team training program than Pauline George.  Pauline is a true student of human behavior  . . . her training is always specifically targeted to the needs of whatever group she is working with."

                                                                                       Director of Personnel

"Pauline George is an awesome speaker.  I have really benefited from her message."

                                               South Hills Chamber of Commerce Member

"I was extremely impressed with Pauline's speaking!  Her ability to relate to and connect with students was outstanding.  Her message is powerful and inspiring!"

                                                       Canon-McMillan High School Teacher

"Pauline is an amazing woman and coach!  What I learned was like finding a magic key to understanding others."

                                                                                           Practice Director

"Working with Pauline to develop Customer Service Training was simply a great and significant experience fo all of us involved.  She has the unique ability to understand the clients needs and then tailor a customized program of best practices incorporating interactive experience for all participants.  She truly exceeded our expectations!"

                                          Managing Director of Major League Ball Park

"Pauline's insight and ability to drill down on what makes you tick and distill your skill set into the quintessential you is unique.  Her coaching is the perfect balance of directness and sensitivity.  She listens intently, identifies the areas that need work, suggests action plans, and the results are gold!"


Our work is the best

"Our training session Friday was one of the most useful, non-technical training that I have participated in.  I truly enjoyed learning more about myself and the others I work with."  A Software Engineering Consultant -