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Facilitation Skills

The role of a facilitator is to guide the learners/audience to an agreed-upon destination and / or outcome.  Our facilitation focuses on the learner and therefore control is shared.  As the guide, the facilitator establishes the climate, learning structure and flow of the learning.  


During a facilitated session, the learner has a great deal of flexibility in asking and responding to questions, engaging the facilitator and peer learner in discussion, and applying the content to their outcome need.  Control is jointly held between the facilitator and the learner and so is accountability for learning.


Our credibility as facilitators is dreived from our ability to create and sustain a supportive learning environment and link the learning to the learner.  It comes from the facilitators' interpersonal handling of the group process, keeping the spotlight on the learners.  


An example of our facilitation skills in action would be in our services of working with a client to do strategic planning and or create team values in a Team Development Process.