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Recent Survey on the Soft Skills Gap:

Soft skills include those that aren't easily easured such as communication, problem solving, and emotional intelligence.  In the recent survey, 44 percent of Executives interviewed believe that American workers lack the soft skills necessary to help a business succeed.

                                                                  ASTD Journal: April, 2014


$350 billion represents the loss of money due to lack of Engagement.  The drivers of sustainable enagement & retention are:


    -  Leadership

    -  Stress balance & workload

    -  Goals & Objectives

    -  Supervisors

    -  Organization's Image

Everything DiSC Comparison Reports Can Foster Emotional Intelligence



When two team members have both taken ANY Everything DiSC Report, they have the benefit of running a Comparison Report FREE of charge to foster dialogue with the purpose of working more effectively together.  The feedback that the report provides will increase both self-awareness as well as self-managemen and lead to higher levels of team performance.