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"Gaining an understanding of Emotion Intelligence has helped me to set goals for professional improvement and has given me another strength for dealing with various situations.  Learning how to manage through values was a tremedous assist to me in dealing with staff and management."

                                                                      Director of Planning

"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the outcomes of our relationship with PG Training & Consulting.  I have always admired and respected Pauline's approach and style in both training & consulting.  The state of art knowledge she possesses clearly enhances her work.  The impact PG Training & Consulting has had on our organization has been dramatically positive."

                                           CEO Human Services Organization

"Pauline George has years of leanred skilss that have saved me time and money.  Whether a corporation or non-profit wants to totally overhaul a dysfunctional team, or take a solid team to new heights, you will find no better consultant and trainer than Pauline George.  Through her ongoing coaching, I have regained my resilience, re-connected with prupose, and am able to move forward toward achieving my goals."

                                                     President and Entrepreneur

"Pauline is an exceptional facilitator.  Her energy, deep familiarity with the material and ability to quickly personalize the training for the group are remarkable."

                               DiSC Training participant, IT environment

"The customer service training we received from PG Training & Consulting was cream of the crop.  By that I mean extremely comprehensive, covering the important principles while not overlooking the many details that really make the difference in quality service.  Pauline George's training expertise, guidance and support have equipped me for the job I love."

                                           Coordinator of a Response Center

"Your DiSC training was a real eye opener.  This actually was my second time taking it however having an open discussion about everything was very powerful for me.  You made me want more . . . . . .  I really could have kept going with your session."

                                           Coordinator in Automotive Industry